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Services We Provide:

Below is a list of the common services we provide. If you have a problem or need something repaired or support for a device that is not mentioned here, call us and we can discuss your issue. If we can't help, we may know someone who can.

PC & Apple/Mac Computer Repair Services

Our technicians are experienced in all brands of desktop and laptop computers designed for Microsoft Windows as well as Apple/Macintosh Macbook and iMac computer systems. We provide hardware and software repairs, troubleshooting, upgrades, consultation, training,  virus removal,  cracked screen replacement, touchpad & keypanel repair,  and much more. 

On-Site / In-Shop Service

We provide services both in our shop, or at your home or office.


Labor Rates In-Shop :

$90/hr - Windows Desktop/Laptop

$120/hr - Apple/Mac Computers

Labor Rates On-Site:

$120/hr Windows Desktop/Laptop

$150/hr Apple/Mac Computers

$150/hr Networking & Cabling

$180/hr Network Server

Data Recovery

Whether you have accidentally deleted files from your computer, or need data recovered from a failing hard disk drive, usb flash drive, floppy disk, or any other media, we can provide traditional data recovery services in our shop for much less than the competition.  We also partner with forensic level data recovery providers for complex situations and projects.

Hardware / Software Upgrades

If you want your computer to perform better, or need to upgrade your computer to run the latest versions of the Windows 10 or Apple/Mac operating system we can help! We offer RAM memory upgrades, graphics card upgrades, HD/SSD upgrades, o/s updates, etc. Call us or stop by our store to discuss  your options and the potential costs to upgrade your laptop or desktop computer.

Networking & Servers

Let our highly skilled networking techs install, configure, and maintain the server and network infrastructure at your business. We support all brands of servers, workstations, firewalls,  routers, switches, cabling, and backup systems. Best of all, no contracts required! Just call us when you need us, or setup a regular maintenance schedule to keep your network secure, and reliable.    

Laptop Batteries
& Power Cords

Did you know we sell factory original/OEM batteries for your Laptop or all-in-one computer? We keep many models in stock, and will special order it for you if we don't have it here. Universal chargers and batteries commonly found on Amazon/Ebay can cause damage to your device. Don't risk it! Call us or come by our store to check availability and cost.

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